Can I make an appointment online?


  • You will be given a password which you can then change.


  • You can then make an appointment to book a driving test or a vehicle safety examination.
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What is BECL responsible for?
  • BECL is responsible for conducting annual safety and emissions inspections on all bikes, cars, vans, trucks, tractor trailers, buses, ambulances, etc. In fact, anything other than a horse and carriage!


  • You can call BECL on 236 4232 to book a vehicle inspection appointment.
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How do I pay?

No monies are paid to BECL. The inspection is part of your annual license fee.

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Do I need to come to the office personally when I bring my vehicle for test?

No, just follow the signs out in the entrance lanes and queue as directed until the Inspector calls you forward.

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What do I do if I fail?
  • Government (TCD) will publish a list of Certified Emissions Repair Centres. You will have the option, if you wish, to take your vehicle to one of these repair shops.


  • If you fail any of the safety related items, you will need to have the vehicle repaired and submitted for a retest as before.
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Types of Inspection

The types are: Annual, Transfer (when selling a vehicle)  and Retest.

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