BECL was created to ensure that Bermuda


  • Preserves its fragile environment and promotes the health of residents and visitors alike.
  • Embraces internationally recognized environmental protection standards and implements current methodologies to protect and sustain the environment.
  • Establishes a vehicle exhaust emissions control programme to manage emission levels in Bermuda



   BECL’s Objectives

The development and operation of the vehicle safety inspection and emissions control programme is based on the following objectives of BECL:


  • Establish and operate a vehicle exhaust emissions control programme to test all motorized vehicles and identify gross emitters for corrective action prior to annual re-licensing.
  • Perform enhanced annual safety inspection of vehicles and identify safety issues for correction prior to annual re-licensing. 
  • Evaluate vehicle function against standards established by Bermuda’s Transport Control Department (TCD).
  • Provide the motoring public with multiple inspection locations.
  • Provide a mobile unit that will be used onsite at Livery Cycle and fleet vehicle facilities.
  • Educate all stakeholders regarding vehicle emissions and their impact upon Bermuda’s environment. 
  • Train all mechanics interested in receiving certification for emissions systems repair. 
  • Provide public information regarding which items fail inspection most frequently and recommendations for correcting/preventing failures in the future.
  • Support environmental initiatives designed to sustain and enhance Bermuda’s fragile environment and promote the health of Bermudians.